Gorgeous Amethyst Gemstones

Amethyst Gemstones

Happy Birthday Februaries! Gorgeous Amethyst Gemstones February Gemstone: Amethyst You are so lucky to have an amazing color and beautiful amethyst gemstones representing your birth month. In celebration of your birth-day, bitrh-week or birth-month (however you celebrate it!) I’ve pulled together some stunning amethysts. I did sneak in a few extras too, there are so […]

“Love” these super cute jewelry findings

Love Bracelets

Love Bracelets Finding cool stuff, like this piece to make love bracelets, is always a highlight of my day. And fortunately for Amazon, I have become VERY reliant on their “you may also like” feature. Curse you Amazon for your tools to increase conversion… they work, I’m duped every time. So, I was ACTUALLY shopping […]

Icicle Christmas Ornaments – Paper, Shine, Glitter & Jewels!

Icicle Christmas Ornaments

Let it Shine! ❄️ Sparkly Paper Icicle Christmas Ornaments I make paper beads; long beads, short beads, tiny beads, shiny beads, glittery beads, matte beads… well, you get the point 🙂 … I make beads. A few weeks ago I experimented with making extra long beads.  I was curious how long I could make them, […]