Love Bracelets

Finding cool stuff, like this piece to make love bracelets, is always a highlight of my day. And fortunately for Amazon, I have become VERY reliant on their “you may also like” feature. Curse you Amazon for your tools to increase conversion… they work, I’m duped every time.

So, I was ACTUALLY shopping for watch walkie-talkies so I can keep track of my son while he transverses the neighborhood looking for anyone (far younger than me) to play basketball with. It drives me crazy that he isn’t always within yelling distance, so if we both had a watch – I can just yell thru those & he’ll love it because it is a fun gadget. I see it as a win-win. ?

But, instead of seeing suggestions for more walkie-talkies in my handy you may also like feature, these cuties came up and I had to have them. I knew they would make great leather “love” bracelets with a large chunky lobster clasp. Skip the jump rings entirely.

Love Component Silo Yellow Dots

I have to say, the first one I made came out awesome! This is so cute, I am not sure I am going to sell it I love it so much. (though, I am fairly sure, that if I want this to work, that is not how this should work) It’s made with greyish-blue paper tube beads and round blue ceramic beads strung & knotted on a dark grey leather cord with a chunky lobster clasp. It’ll wrap twice around your wrist. With the paper beads and leather – it is actually pretty light weight as well. Link to product coming soon

Leather Cord Love Bracelets

Then, of course I couldn’t stop with just that one. ? I made another 15 or so.

Round leather, suede, in varying colors. Light blue, peacock blue, tan, brown, black, sage…

Love Bracelets

Needless to say, I DID NOT buy the watch walkie-talkies. Next time, Amazon.

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