Let it Shine! ❄️ Sparkly Paper Icicle Christmas Ornaments

I make paper beads; long beads, short beads, tiny beads, shiny beads, glittery beads, matte beads… well, you get the point 🙂 … I make beads. A few weeks ago I experimented with making extra long beads.  I was curious how long I could make them, since I use a knitting needle to roll the paper, they couldn’t be much longer (at this point). And taaa-daaaa! These beautiful Christmas ornaments were created.

Paper Icicle Christmas Ornaments
Aren’t these Christmas ornaments gorgeous? I can’t wait to see them light up the tree they’re on!

Paper? Yes, paper. I was skeptical too – no way these will be durable. There’s no way they’ll hold up to any kind of use. With a few layers of gloss Mod Podge (the link goes to Amazon, great price) and a wired center, they are surprisingly sturdy! In addition to paper, they’re just glue, wire, glitter and jewels.

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Gold Christmas Ornaments Close Up

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